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Saturday, March 1st, 2014
10:49 am - Nursing
So, I started working as a nursing on October 28, 2013.  I got a job working as a med surg nurse at the University of Arizona Medical Center - South Campus (aka KINO).  I worked there from October 2013 - February 2014.  I realized Med Surg was not for me.  I was not spending enough time with patients and I didn't feel like I was doing enough for them.  It also pissed me off that I had to get orders for a cough drop or something like that. I worked with some amazing people and although it was a short time, I learned a lot.  I had a preceptor named Keith who had been a nurse for a about a year and I was his first preceptee.  He did a great job training me.

So I left the hospital and found a job working for a small home health agency called SunLife Home Health.  I haven't been out in the field yet.  That starts in 2 days.  I am a little nervous because I feel like I am being rushed a little bit through training.  I hope I do ok with this company.  I really want to work for home health or hospice.

I really hope this works out.  I want to get my experience in before I move back to NJ.

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Tuesday, December 31st, 2013
4:22 pm - He Said YES!!!
I know I don't post that much, but this was a huge deal so I thought I should throw this down :)

So Kenny and I have been together for almost 9 years (March 25, 2005 is when I said yes to him asking me to be his boyfriend).  We have been through sooo much together and I have been wanting to propose to him for quite some time.  I wanted a few things to be finished before I proposed to him.

Here is the list:
- Finished nursing school (CHECK)
- Passed NCLEX (CHECK)
- Got first nursing job (CHECK)
- Gay marriage legalized in NJ (CHECK)

Everything fell into place over the course of a few months.  It was a sign that I was ready to propose.  I booked my flight to NJ from December 16 - January 1.  I was planning on proposing after Christmas when Kenny, his parents, and my parents were both in the same room.  When I got my nursing job, I was told I could not take so much time off and my schedule could not be guaranteed while I was still in orientation.  I had to follow my preceptor's schedule.  So I switched flights to go back to NJ in October before I started my job.  I thought I was not going to be able to propose in December when I wanted to.  :(

December 22(ish).  My preceptors schedule shows that he is off from December 24 - Jan 3 (he has to work December 31 but new grads do not, so that meant I had a small chunk of time off).  I checked flights and booked a flight back to NJ December 27-December 30.   I called my parents to tell them I was coming in and not to tell ANYONE.  My father is somewhat of a gossiper so I had to reiterate like 40,000 times not to tell anyone.  After calling them, I called Kenny's parents to ask if I could marry their son.  His mom answered and I said "MERRY CHRISTMAS, go into another room and don't tell Kenny"  She did and went to her bedroom where her husband was.  I asked to marry Kenny and she said...."I don't know...Babe do we approve?" (like 3 times).  She was just kidding of course :)

I flew into NJ on Dec 27 at night and my dad picked me up.  Dec 28 we went to my sister's house in Haddon Heights because my brother and his family was going down too.  (They also had NO IDEA I was in NJ.)  It was nice to surprise them.  My sister answered the door and I just said "Candy gram!" and walked in.  I told my sister and her family why I was in NJ and my brother's family too (my niece Tiffany cried a little).

December 28 (the day!)  I was orchestrating it with his mother how I was going to enter.  My parents went in the house and I waited a minute (Kenny was calling me at this moment to tell me my parents were there, I did not answer) and rang the doorbell and opened the door.  I walked in the family room and Kenny was still looking at this phone and looked up and said OH!!!  and hugged me.  (I was so nervous at this point).  I hugged someone else and noticed Kenny had coffee.  I took it from him and gave it to his best friend Crystal and hugged her.   I took Kenny's hands and pulled him over in-front of the fireplace.  He then said "OH MY GOD!" and I said a little speech and started to cry during it.  (I was so happy)   I said something to the extend of how we had been through so much over the past 9 years.  I also said "9 years ago you asked me a question that changed my life.  Now it's my turn to ask you something" and then I got down on 1 knee and asked "Will you marry me" (I was crying at this point).  Without even skipping a beat he said "YES"

Life is good :)    "KEEP CALM and PROPOSE"  :)

current mood: happy

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Thursday, February 21st, 2013
12:22 am - 2 months to go...
We are almost halfway through this semester and it hasn't sunk in yet that I will be a graduate nurse.  I will be an RN after I take the NCLEX. 

This semester is REALLLLY ROCKY so far.  I am passing my classes at the moment with AT LEAST an 82 as my lowest grade (passing is 77 or above).  I didn't have an epiphany this weekend, but something happened.  I got my ass in gear this week and wrote my paper that is due on Friday on Tuesday.  I did a chapter packet for my group that was supposed to be done NEXT week and I did my remediation for my Kaplan test which isnt due until Friday either :)  I am usually the master procrastinator.  I am headed to campus tomorrow to do some more work to get my clinical paperwork in order, concept map and MAYBE get my paper done that is due March 1.  Concept map is not due until April 7.   I am going to TRY to do more reading, get my head in the game.

Here is where me being an LPN (Licensed Practical NURSE) sank in:
It was like when I worked in the pharmacy and people were like "Are you the pharmacist?"  I was always like...no, I am just a pharmacy tech, let me get that person for you...I personally always felt like JUST A TECH and nothing more.  Not that being a tech is a bad thing.  Techs run everything and don't get the credit they deserve.  But...when a patient asked me at my first nursing job at long-term care as an LPN...Are you the nurse?  I almost responded NO, I am just a tech because I was so used to doing that.  Even though I knew I was a nurse, took the test, had my license, signed my name once or twice.  It never really sunk in that I was a nurse until that point.

Funny thing though...People asked "Are you an RN"  and now I say, "No, just an LPN, but an RN in X days"  I usually get a smile :)

current mood: Happy, Scared

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Tuesday, January 1st, 2013
8:56 pm - Homestretch Reflection
Well, 2013 starts today and last year was pretty rough on me personally, mentally, physically, emotionally and any other ALLY you can think of probably.  I spent most of 2012 in school and working and it was not fun because I feel like I have NO LIFE WHATSOEVER.  I work and go to school, that's it, it is almost over thank whoever's up there.  It has been a pretty rough ride these past 19 months. 

School is over April 26th and hopefully life will be better.  I will be an RN and hopefully get a job in a hospital and start gaining experience so I can get a job in NJ.

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Thursday, September 20th, 2012
8:28 pm - Less than 2 semesters left...
Well, I decided to stay in nursing school and I know made the right decision, although EVERYDAY since my last post I have wanted to pull my hair out......

Since my last post (January 2012) I have been through 2 semesters.  The one that began in January was the semester from HELL.  It is know as the worst semester to where if you pass it, you can pass any semester of PMI Nursing...I did pass it and the semester after that,  It was not easy...

So here is the big update since that seems to be the only time I actually think about updating LJ....

After the 4th semester of PMI students are eligible to sit for the NCLEX-PN Exam (The one that LPNs take to get licensed).  I met all the requirements and I decided to submit my application to sit for it.  Apparently it takes about a month to get everything processed for me to take the actual exam.  I have a friend that took it and she said that it was fairly simple.  She said she only studied everyday for 2 weeks and only 3 days for the NCLEX-RN exam.  That boosted my confidence...

OK...here is the REAL reason I am taking the exam...

What if I fail nursing schooL??  I HAVE NOTHING TO FALL BACK ON.......So...sort of a just-in-case thing...I really still have NO SOLID credentials so if I pass this test.  I can work as an LPN anywhere in the country...which is a plus, which is solid credentials...

I HAVE EVERY INTENTION on finishing PMI and eventually going for my BSN. 

I don't know why most people are asking me if I am going to finish my RN???  I think they are thinking that if I take the LPN exam then I will quit school and just work as an LPN.  We have LPNs in our class that clearly are there to better their careers.

Ultimately, I want to work 1-2 days per week IF THAT and be in school. 

NOW...for the shitty part...I work with some reallllllly awesome people at my current job. I work in the Online Dept at PMI and I basically work as a secretary for less pay (I'm a work-study and the federal pay-rate for that is $8/hr).  I do a lot of easy easy easy work. It is very time consuming though (auditing student files, sending lots of emails to students asking for transcripts and other documents).  They are really cool people.  They have thanked me so many times saying things like "You are the most efficient work-study I have ever had" blah blah blah "You have set the bar waaay high"   I look forward to going there most days, except when I have a lot of work to do...I will be sad if/when I tell them I will have to leave.  I told them (when I started) that I would stay to train someone.

I will hope I pass this test...

Oddly I feel like the hardest thing is telling the Online Dept that I will be leaving........sad.......

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Sunday, March 6th, 2011
9:40 pm - OK.....SO.....????

Wanted to post last night but internet connection was being whorish

So we ended up asking our roommate to leave because Kenny and I wanted some time alone.  That worked out well and it meant however that I had to give up school ONCE AGAIN and rejoin the workforce full-time again which I did not want to do.  I wanted school!  I applied for PMIs nursing program before all of this happened on a long-shot too.  I called them a month or so later and said I had to withdraw (because of what you are about to read below)


I had an interview with Soulistic Medical Institute and also a rehire interview with Odyssey Hospice.  I got offered positions at both companies but due to familiarity, I went with Odyssey.  After working there for LESS THAN 2 weeks I realized I made the wrong decision, I did not want to work for corporate america anymore and that was a SMALL reason I left in the first place so I called up Soulistic and asked if the position was still available and they said yes so I took it in a heartbeat.


I have been working at Soulistic for 3 weeks and I work with really really good people.  It is a tiny doctors office and also has a home hospice part.  I was hired because I like computer programs and learning new software, all the ins-and-outs so to speak.  I have a pharmacy background so that helps and also that I worked for a NP for a short time with an EMR before (Electronic Medical Record)  Soulistic was going away from paper charting and moving to an almost completely paperless system eventually.  That is what they wanted me to help implement.  So I get there and am immediately given tasks way beyond my capability so far.  I didnt get to look at the system that much and they already expected me to know so much.  I sat down with the Exec Dir and said I needed a little time on top of my front office duties to learn the system more.  She was all for that, so i took some time and learned a lot about it which was good.


Two other big reasons why i was hired are: 1.)  Getting this office ready for "MU" requirements.  MU=Meaningful Use.  It is a government program that could get the MDs $$ for having certain criteria and core objectives met by a certain time.  One of the biggest objectives is E-Scribing medications.  Getting rid of the pen and RX pad (save for controlled RXs) and submitting all of them via computer.  Which was the first time I learned how to do.  It was easy (apparently only to me)  I showed them how to do it and they were treating me like a god basically...The doctor in the office is a little computer retarded, but is a really really awesome guy.  So nice and so willing and patient to learn anything I can teach him about the EMR they have.  The other reason why i was hired was because to bridge the Hospice med profiles to the Drs office med profiles.  The Drs use the EMR in the office for the hospice charting and the med profiles do not match.  So it is up to me (cause it wasnt getting done correctly) to reconcile EVERY HOSPICE CHART every day.  I had to enter 50 patient charts and then keep them up to date and come up with a system of communication between the hospice and the ME office.  I basically do it all myself because I dont feel like waiting for people to get back to me.


SOOOOOOOOOOOO....Things are going pretty well I would say, except YESTERDAY...I get a letter in the mail saying I was accepted into the PMI nursing program.  This could not have come at a worse time.  Financially i am good now - working full-time, paying bills, having a little left over.  Its ok.  NOW I am going to have to tell these awesome people that gave me a second change (cause I turned them down when i went to Odyssey) sorry, but i got into school and I cant work here anymore......  I might take a few days off next week and see what kind of info I can gather up about PMI and financial aid and everything....Kenny is awesome and supportive as always and wants me to do what is best and makes me happy...i love him...


Why'd you have to go and make things so complicated? (PMI) ((but that letter just might change my life))

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Sunday, December 12th, 2010
9:45 pm - Hmmmm....
OK....so I have things going ok at the moment....besides being a little financially strapped...

I started 2 jobs in the last few weeks. Working for a nurse practitioner that now works with Odyssey doing some random office work for her. Also being a Server for a little cafe close to my house.

I am changing my entire life with the hope that I get into nursing school in May and then that will become my life for 2 years.

::crossing fingers::

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Tuesday, November 9th, 2010
11:53 pm - OK....so update with school

So I did all the research to go back to nursing school at Pima Medical Institute. I went into the admissions office yesterday and took 2 rink-a-dink placement tests. Those tell them if i can qualified to sit for the nursing placement exam. Yeah...They were crap. One was english-esque crap and a math test...100% on math and 90 something on the other....

So after that I had to make an appt to sit for the nursing exam and luckily they had one this morning. It is only given 2 times per month and there was only 4 people there taking the test...that made me happy...small amount of people = better chances on getting in. I am happy that it gets scored right after you take it so you dont have to wait around for it or wait months to get it. You had to get at least an 85% on it and I got a 91.24%. It is a little low, but it isnt that bad. I am not the best test taker when it comes to standardized testing.

So, I went there and had an interview for the program and luckily the guy remembered me (as well as the nursing office secretary), I hope that is a little bit of a plus and helps me a little to get in. I think it went really well. I was calm, cool and collected during it and we swapped stories about a bunch of things. He liked me and wished me luck in a really enthusiastic tone.

We also had to write an essay or a "writing sample" as they called it. That is graded too and counts for part of the entrance into the program too...

On the plus side, I have the prereqs done already for them. I have them done from when I was in nursing school already. Another thing that I hope helps with the admission process.

I like the fact that the program has classes EVERY DAY from 8-4. I dont have lecture once a week and forget 1/2 the crap I learned by the next class. The first round of classes consists of Intermediate Algebra I, Microbiology, nutrition class, and a beginners course for nursing. I am in PreCalc now and Micro was pretty easy. So I dont think I will have a tough time with that.

OK...NOW THE BAD SIDE....It costs $42,000 for the whole 2 year program...books are included. I dont think I want to go to school after I get my RN because I can be set with that and have solid credentials that can follow me anywhere.


Now I have to wait forever (well it will seem like that) to see if I get in. There are only 30 seats and I find out the last week of FEB. 3 LOOOOOONG months....

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Sunday, November 7th, 2010
11:35 pm - I wish I could go back to nursing school...
I made a colassal (not sure if i spelled that right) mistake on dropping out of nursing school in 2007. Looking back in it and reflecting is what this is about...

For the first time in my life, I had direction. I finally realized I had the "one" and life was going pretty well. I wasnt skipping classes because of my rationale that i will make it up and what not. I was going to class, I was doing my homework. I did all the work to get into nursing school and after I got my admission letter into the CCM nursing program, that was it. I was finally starting my life. I was getting into a career that I could bring with me anywhere.

After a few months in the nursing program I did it again. My "rationale" kicked in because I thought I already knew what was being taught. I was the "hotshot" know it all when it came to labs and medications. I was in the Student Nurse Association. I was in charge of taping all of the lectures and putting them up on podcasts so the entire nursing school could listen to them. A lot people were depending on me to do that.

I stopped going to lectures. I stopped going to labs. I stopped going to clinicals. Looking back I do not even really remember the reason why I stopped. I think it was that I was scared. I am always getting scared of finishing something when I am in school. I have had so many different thoughts of majors...Math teacher, History teacher, Pharmacist, Theatre, Nursing....so many and you know the crappy thing. I could have been a Nurse, Pharmacist and teacher all by now...but instead, I basically am nothing. I have next to no solid credentials. All of my friends are either in Grad school, PhD, or well everywhere that I am not and I hate it.

I have such a problem that I do not know what to do about it. A small part of me wonders if Kenny "followed" me out here because he wants me to finally do something with me life. If I quit now, I know I will let him down. I feel like I am stringing him along and if I quit he will leave me. I know he loves me, and I love him soo much that I owe him to finish something. He has been so freaking patient with me to get on with my life.

I keep on with my "rationale" now with going back to Nursing and here it is....I know healthcare, I know more than most people going into it right now. Some are CNAs, but I have the harder aspect down then they do in my opinion.

I think I want to apply to Pima Medical Institute for their RN program. I figure I can invest 2 years of my life rather than 3-4 now and go to school. Kenny I think would go for that. The harder thing right now is how do I tell Kenny. He has heard the "I think I want to major in _______" speech so many times. He always said he would support me in anything. I think it is getting old. I dont think he will always want to say that. I think he would start to get FED UP with me and my growing student loans and nothing to show for it.

In short...here is what I want to do in the next few days...

1.) Contact PMI to talk abou their nursing program and check to see if certain prereqs transfer
2.) Talk to Kenny (tomorrow night) without roommate present. I will not want her in the room when we talk...She has an opinion about everything.

I could miss my PreCalc class tomorrow.....I do not need PreCalc for a nursing degree...This will be my 3rd missed PreCalc class.

Say for instance that I DO get into the nursing program at PMI, but it does not start until the fall. I will still go to PCC to get the x amount of credits I need to have an associates. I feel I need to do that...

Thanks for reading....

Wish me luck...

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Saturday, May 2nd, 2009
8:58 pm

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Sunday, March 1st, 2009
2:27 pm - San Diego
Hola peoples. Just got back from San Diego. Took a long weekend. The RODEO is in town and Kenny had off work, so I took off 2 days off and we left Wednesday night (6 hour drive) and got into San Diego midnight-ish. (We went with out friend Rosa to add)

We walked on the beach (so soft it was like walking on cotton) Saw MANY hot shirtless boys, surfers, runners, ::fans self:: it was nice. It was a really nice mini-vacation. We are thinking about doing a week in the summer :)

YAY for Mom and Kenny's mom coming to AZ in a 1.5 weeks !!! and then my friend stacey the week after :) RENT soon too!!!

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Monday, December 15th, 2008
10:27 am - HOLA CHICOS
So yeah, I just took my Spanish I Final - EASY! I already know I got an A in the class. I am my western civ final tomorrow and my algebra final on Wednesday. I just want this semester to be OVER!!!! I am going to study a little bit for the Western Civ one...YAY FOR NON-CUMULATIVE EXAM PROFESSORS! He doesnt see the need. Algebra got a little (LITTLE) bit more challenging as the year progressed. SO I MIGHT be getting a B in it...I have to do rather well on this exam to keep my A. YAY for professors who let us used NOTECARDS on our exam! I should do ok... Wish me luck!

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Wednesday, November 26th, 2008
11:31 am - Pregnant.......Thanksgiving
So...My sister-in-law Sheri is pregnant again. This will make #4. Congrats to them. Hopefully another boy to carry on the prestigous name of GOWERS....or not :) My brother just randomly called me and said "Yeah..so...Sheri's pregnant." I was at work in a the comp lab printing out some quizzes.

For all that didn't know, My sister Megan also had her second baby named Nicholas in April. Very happy baby :)

Few things to be thankful for....Family, Friends, 5 day weekend from work. 4 day weekend from school.

Things NOT to be thankful for...lesson planning over weekend, HW over weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! :) I'll see some of you in December!!!

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Wednesday, November 19th, 2008
11:26 pm - SO AWESOME!
So I bought a motorized scooter the day before yesterday and I am just waiting for it to come in!! It i silver and gets a top speed of 60 and gets 70 MPG :)

OMG i cant wait for it to come !!!

on a random note I started watching Doogie Houser MD, from Season one and in the second episode VInny said "DOES THAT MEAN I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL 2009?" ((show came out in 1989)) I almost shit a brick cause i laughed so hard...almost woke up kenny im sure....

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Saturday, November 8th, 2008
3:23 pm - THIS IS THE CHICK FROM LOVE ACTUALLY....she rocks!!!

WANT TO SEE MORE...search Martine McCutcheon on youtube

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Monday, October 27th, 2008
11:39 pm - Spanish Presentation
So I had to do this family tree project in spanish using PPT presenation. OF COURSE I rocked it and everyone else's sucked...Well there were some ok ones though :)

I got a 99 on the project and my overall grade so far for the class is 96.2 YAY for me :)


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Friday, October 24th, 2008
3:36 am - Test Grades...
So...I got a 97 on my Spanish Test and a 98 on my Algebra quiz...yay for me...

That is about all the update that is available at the moment and I will leave you with one kind WORD

VOTE!!!!!! (but not for the Mavericks) HAHAHA (if you are planning on voting for the Mavericks........don't) :)

And not back to catching up with Season 4 of Grey's

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Sunday, October 19th, 2008
1:25 am
 not in the mood to do spanish HW...god i hate prereqs.............

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Wednesday, October 15th, 2008
So I had a test today in Spanish that I think I got an A on, yay for that...I had a quiz in Algebra today that I know I got an A on but I did not get a 100 because I suck at life.  I got all of that "hard" problems correct yet the EASIEST problem incorrect because the class was given a time limit on the quiz...

problem = f(-4) = x^2 - 4x - 3 - solve for x.

FOR SOME FREAKING REASON in the middle x  I substituted -2 and not -4...WTF WAS GOING IN MY HEAD?!!  :p 

I did well though, so that is ok.

Got an 84 on my Western Civ test.  Hard test and I got one of the higher grades in class :)  That made me happy. 

DONT FORGET TO VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! next month!

OOOOOOOObama (well at least for me) -  that's why it's an opinion.

Experience does not a president make.....

COME ON ALL JACK-12-PACKS.....vote Obama (Screw the Mavericks and their Joe-6-packs)

IM in an odd mood due to lack of sleep.... can you tell..?

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Friday, October 10th, 2008
12:30 pm - Spring Schedule

So I was up until 4:30a this morning because my school released it's upcoming Spring 09 schedule (We cannot register for classes until 11/11 though)

Here is what i WANT to take:

General Chemisty I - 4 credits
General Biology I - 4 credits
Pre-Calculus - 5 credits
Economics - 3 credits
Spanish II - 4 credits (only a 5 week course)

For a grand total of 20 credits. Only reason I am doing that is because Spanish is a 5 week course and is on Sat-Sun of those weeks.

I DID WANT TO TAKE PHYSICS 1 as well, but it conflicts with Bio and Chem. So I will probably just take that in the Fall. U of A only requires 1 semester of Physics for pharmacy school, however most other schools require 2 semesters. So basically I will end up taking 2 semeseters

Summer Schedule Hopefuls:
- General Chemisty II
- General Biology II
- Physics I
- Organic Chem I

What's going on with everyone else??? Send me a message on Facebook or something!!!!

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